The Bearded Butchers

Sweet, Smoky & Spicy Snack Stick DIY Bundle


This combination of flavors will leave your mouth watering! Sweet flavor from 100% REAL Maple sugar and brown sugar, plus hickory smoke flavor and spicy jalapenos balance out perfectly to make these one of our favorites!

We usually make these with venison, but elk, antelope, beef, bison, pork or a combination will work great.


This kit includes:

  • 1 pack Maple Sugar Seasoning 2.15 lbs for 25lbs
  • 1 pack 17mm Mahogany Smoke Stick Collagen Casings (4 strands) for 25 lbs 
  • 1 pack Sodium Nitrite Curing Salt (1oz) for 25 lbs
  • 1 pack Dried Diced Jalapenos and Powder (4oz)
  • 1 pack Hickory Smoke Flavor Powder (3 oz for 25 lbs)


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Received order quickly and in perfect condition

Great product

I just made a batch for the neighbor. The taste is amazing but when he told me the price he paid for a 25 lb seasoning pack I about went to the moon. There is no way I would ever pay this. I understand the skins are expensive but there is no need to be hoggish with your prices. This is why I will never recommend buying from this company ever. I do 500lbs a year. Just think what I would have to charge to make it. I can’t see people paying 125 for a batch. Bring ur prices down to where real working people can afford it

Mike Herz
Need more flavor

I liked the flavor but wanted more hot and a bit more salt. If anyone get this mix add another packet of jalapeno powder to your order if you like it more on the hot side.

Lynn Simmons

Just a little too sweet for my taste. Also it would be a good thing to inform new guy's like me that the 17mm casings need a 10mm stuffing tube.

Chris Dean
Just right

Definitely a crowd favorite . Everyone I’ve shared it with really likes it!