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Bearded Butcher Butter Blend 10.5oz Shaker

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10.5 oz. Shaker

Silky Smooth, The Bearded Butcher's Butter Blend is simply our original recipe with natural butter flavor added! This combination of the natural goodness of butter along with our best spices makes it perfect for chicken, steak, corn on the cob, and more. Our favorites are sweet corn or grilled cheese sandwiches!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Spices (Including Paprika, Celery Seed), Dehydrated Garlic and Onion, Rice Flour, Organic Soybean Oil, Maltodextrin, Natural Spice Extractive of Paprika, Natural Butter Flavor, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor. Contains: Milk

This Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning has no sugar or MSG, giving you a pure and natural seasoning that's perfect for elevating your dishes. So get creative and explore new ways to use this blend, and discover the unbeatable taste of stepping up your game.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Gruic

tasted really good with steakwife is really picky. she like it as well

tom ross
Spice review

I believe that your spices are the best I'm a serious carnivore and so happy to use your products keep it up I'm a fan

Keith Edwards
Great Seasonings

I discovered Bearded Butcher Seasonings from the YouTube site, watching for butchering education. Great seasonings that are now a standard part of my cooking rotation.

Jon Krulich

We love the Butter blend, the Chipotle, and the original. They have become our go to seasoning for just about everything. Have recommended your seasonings to just about everyone we know.

Daniel Lewis
Amazing seasoning on a steak!!!

They have done it again!! This Family is the best in the business that I have tried. And to top it off they are great family men and role models to everyone that watches their channel. Keep up the great work