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Cultured Celery Powder (Veg Stable 506) 2.5oz pack


506 celery juice powder is commonly used in place of curing salt as a natural alternative. 506 celery juice powder is the celery powder for curing that's used by The Bearded Butchers in their butcher shop in Creston Ohio.

506 celery juice powder is the strongest version available for curing meat. It can be used as jerky cure or bacon cure, and is the preferred celery powder for curing meat in any situation where natural cure is desired.

Cultured Celery Juice Powder is a commonly used natural alternative in place of Sodium Nitrite (pink curing salt) to improve color, and reduce pathogen/microbial activity. It is commonly used in combination with Cherry Powder to achieve cure acceleration, to improve curing color, taste, and texture, and to reduce pathogen/microbial activity.

Suggested Usage for Ground Meat: Evenly coat 25 lbs. of meat trim with one .15625 lb packet before grinding.

Suggested Usage for Whole Muscle Meat (like jerky): Use one .15625 lb packet to evenly coat the surface of 25 lbs. of whole muscle meat before cooking.

Suggested Usage for Immersion Soak (like bacon): Use one .15625 lb packet in solution of .75 gal water with .75 lbs. sea salt.

**Usage can be increased or decreased depending on desired requirements.**

506 celery juice powder contains naturally occurring nitrites and nitrates (which breakdown to nitrites during the cooking process with the help of bacteria found in the meat itself).

Each packet of Bearded Butchers 506 Celery Juice Powder contains 2.5oz and is recommended to be used for 25 lb of meat

**If you have watched our DIY YouTube videos, you’ll find that we have reformulated our in-house recipe since then, for improved results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tom M
Natural curing salts

Absolutely love this

Janie Morris
Much better than pink salt

Our bacon was the best cured with celery powder.

T Mac
Seems to work ok

Seems to work ok but was in 2 big hard clumps. Had to grind it.

Michael Stemac

Unable to give a review at this time. My bacon is still in the cure. Will give you a review when I am completed.