The Bearded Butchers

Cherry Powder (525) 1 oz pack


Cherry Powder is natural alternative used in place of Sodium Erythorbate, typically in combination with VegStable Celery Juice Powder to achieve cure acceleration, to improve curing color, taste, and texture, and to reduce pathogen/microbial activity.

  • Suggested Usage for Ground Meat: Evenly coat 25 lbs. of meat trim with one .063 lb. packet before grinding.


  • Suggested Usage for Whole Muscle Meat (like jerky): Use one .063 lb. packet to evenly coat the surface of 25 lbs. of whole muscle meat before cooking.


  • Suggested Usage for Immersion Soak (like bacon): Use one .063 lb. packet in solution of .75 gal water with .75 lbs. sea salt. **Usage can be increased or decreased depending on desired requirements.**

Each packet of Bearded Butchers 525 Cherry Powder contains 1 oz and is recommended to be used for 25 lb of meat

Customer Reviews

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Tom M
Healthy Ingredients

My number one goal in looking for products is to find ingredients that are healthy and natural. That’s why I love the alternative to the curing salts that you offer. I am also interested in what your other ingredients are. You list “natural flavors” as one of the ingredients, I know that the US government allows up to 100 different chemicals to be contained under the title “natural ingredients”.I’m curious what’s in your mix. I use my dear, which is pseudo organic and I also purchased organic pork butt from butcher box, so I really put a lot of effort into clean healthy ingredients. Eager to hear a response.

adriana aldea
Cherry powder

Great product...I will use it again for sure..thank you!