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Bearded Butcher Mild Italian Seasoning 8 oz


A perfect blend of spices comes together to make our Bearded Butcher Mild Italian Seasoning. Featuring spices like Fennel Seed, Paprika and Garlic, you'll have the perfect mix for meatballs, Italian Sausage, bratwursts and more. Great for pork sausage, all beef sausage or patties, and wild game blends like Venison, Elk or any blend of lean meat (with fat added if you like).

Create your masterpiece, starting with our Mild Italian Seasoning. 8oz of Seasoning included is just the right amount to mix with 25lbs of meat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Martin Burns
Great spice seasoning

This was the perfect blend of spices to make your mild Italian sausage!

Sean Bell
Great seasoning for pork sausage

Makes the best pork sausage I’ve ever made.

David Itterman

Haven’t used it yet

Dave Musgrave
Mild Italian Seasoning

Added the 8oz mild Italian seasoning to 25 pounds of freshly ground pork from the pigs we raised. We mixed by hand and made 10 pounds for patty sausage and 15 pounds of links. Both turned out great. Some family members do not like any spice, so this was perfect.

Kathy Miller

This mild Italian seasoning is fantastic! We made one batch today to try it out and I need to get some more ASAP. We will be making another 100 pounds this week. Of the seven family members that were helping with six hogs this weekend, all said "I want some of that!"