The Bearded Butchers

Dried Diced Apple Pieces (2.5 lbs for 25lbs meat)


Our Bearded Butcher dried, diced apples are a sweet addition to any DIY home processing recipe. Diced, with no added sugar, our dehydrated apples are a mainstay in some of the brats that we sell at Whitefeather Meats. Make your own brats at home with our recipes, or experiement with a different recipe. No matter what, we're certain you'll love a little fruit in your DIY meat project! Not making brats? No problem, our dehydrated apple pieces make a great snack!


  • Add 2.5 pounds of diced apples to 25 pounds of meat (or 10% apple weight per weight of the meat)
  • Use more or less apples to desired level of sweetness