The Bearded Butchers

Victorinox 10" Breaking Knife w/ Black Fibrox Handle


The 10" Breaking knife is the largest butcher/breaking knife used by The Bearded Butchers. This knife is preferred for cutting larger steaks and roasts, giving smooth, clean slices through large sections, resulting in great looking cuts of meat.

Our 8" Victorinox Breaking Knife is also used for carcass breakdown, as just the right size to handle while separating large primal sections for further breakdown.

Combined with the 6" Rosewood Handle Victorinox Boning Knife, these knives are the workhorses you need to tackle carcass breakdowns of most species, up to and including large beef and bison.

  • Smooth blade with curved razor sharp 10" edge
  • Ships in safe clamshell packaging
  • Slip Resistant Fibrox Nylon TPE Handle
  • Made in Switzerland
  • NSF Certified

Customer Reviews

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Thing of beauty


Lots of nice holiday gifts , thank you.

Heath Haas
Amazing knives!

I was excited to get the set of knives and get to work. Once receiving the six,eight, and ten inch blades, I was able to put each through the test and was more than pleased.

These are knives that will likely be heirloom or at the very least serve me for my lifetime.

In just under a month these have assisted to process poultry, and Venison.

I plan on purchasing the six inch, for each of my children, as we do harvest and process here on the Homestead.

Thank you, for not just an excellent product yet an excellent share of your passion, and style of teaching that any who will simply listen and observe may benefit from the great experience and legacy of White Feather and the Bearded Butchers.

God bless, and thanks for the hard work of great content and resources.

Donna Johnson
Awesome knife

We used this knife to cut up two is a hit!!! I'm going to buy another one...or two!


The blade is awesome the six inch isn’t very flexible