Product Spotlight: Rage Broadheads

Product Spotlight: Rage Broadheads

Nov 13, 2020Phil Maletich

One of the most frequent questions we get is "what do you guys really use at home?" Well, when you watch our videos, you really see the products we like the most. But, one of our favorite products doesn't end up getting much air time on our YouTube channel. Today, we are going to discuss our favorite broadhead arrowheads for archery deer hunting. We've used lots of different types and styles of broadheads over the years, but when we are in the field searching for big game, it's Rage Broadheads we reach for first.

Anatomy of a Broadhead Arrow

Before we get into what makes Rage broadheads special, you need to know what the different parts and styles of arrowheads are called. We'll keep this pretty simple and quick, since many of you probably know the basics of archery.

There are several important characteristics of an arrowhead you'll need to consider when picking out arrowheads. Hunting arrowheads have at least two blades, but can have three or four. A fixed blade broadhead is pretty much what it sounds like -an immovable blade. Broadheads are also available that feature spring-assisted blades that open on impact. These are called mechanical broadheads. The point is the very tip of the arrow, while the base attaches the broadhead to the arrow shaft. A slip collar holds mechanical broadhead blades in place.

Broadhead weight is measured in grains, each grain weighing about 0.065 g. The most common weight on the market is 100 grain, though many game hunters select slightly heavier 125 grain broadheads for bow hunting and as much as 150 grains for crossbow hunting. Heavier broadheads have greater impact power and penetration at the cost of speed and range.

Crossbow Broadhead Differences

For many years, broadheads were sold labeled "for crossbows." The differences are minor, and many hunters may not notice any difference at all between broadheads meant for crossbows and regular broadheads. Rage broadheads for crossbows, for example, feature a heavier spring to prevent unintentional deployment of the mechanical blades from the sudden acceleration of a crossbow bolt. Most points for crossbow archery are 2 blade designs. Crossbow specific designs frequently have a different style of tip than most steel arrowheads. They are frequently larger and more blunt to puncture hard.

The Best Broadheads for Big Game

When it comes to taking big game, you can't rely on just any broadhead. Archery hunters need a point that strikes hard, flies straight, and ensures a swift take down. As always, no broadhead arrows will ever make up for poor shot placement, but some broadheads, including the models from Rage we enjoy using, can help compensate for less than ideal hits. Always remember that nothing makes you a better shot than practice. Rather than just list a bunch of products and tips, we decided to share the broadheads we find the best for deer season.

What We Like About Rage Broadheads

Big game hunting requires tough broadheads for arrows to quickly bring the animal down. The Rage Hypodermic mechanical blade broadhead series are world-renown for successful archery hunting. The Hypodermic broadheads are available in 100 gr and 125 gr weights. The steel blades are only 0.035" thick, and a hybrid tip deep penetration. A crossbow-specific model is available and it differs from others in the series because of a heavier deployment spring. The series includes a no-collar model and models using the traditional shock collar. The most devastating broadhead in the line is the Hypodermic Trypan. This one gets its name from the word for people who have a fear of hypodermic needles. It's capable of producing a massive 2.5" opening for quick take down.

These are incredible broadheads for hunting. They fly like field points but hit like sledgehammers. The 2 blade design of the Rage Hypodermic broadheads provides a narrow profile in flight, helping to enhance range and accuracy. Hunting season is short, missing targets because of inferior broadheads isn't worth it. Shop around and you simply won't find a broadhead tip that performs consistently as well as the products in the series.

Our Favorite Rage Crossbow Broadhead

We love using the Rage Hypodermic broadheads, but for our crossbow, we actually prefer the Rage Crossbow X. This is also a 2 blade design. The major difference is that these points are more traditional and have cutting blades on the points for depth. Rage is known for accuracy, and the Crossbow X broadheads meet the highest expectations. They are durable and powerful enough to cut through bones. We prefer the heavier, 125 grain weight broadheads for most of our archery hunting experiences. Most points include a practice point when you buy a pack of three.

Other Broadheads We Like

Small game hunting requires totally different points than hunting big animals. Archers typically look for either a fixed blade broadhead or a smaller mechanical. Blunt, concave, and barbed points are also used, particularly for rabbit and squirrel. One of our favorite smaller mechanical designs is the Swhacker #239 three pack. Swhacker makes these from 420 stainless steel. They feature a simple but effective deployment method for instant stopping power.

One of the most entertaining experiences is bowfishing. If you haven't tried it yet, it's a great opportunity to get outdoors and combine two of our favorite activities. For bowfishing, we select the Wasp Talon broadhead. The thick, stainless-steel prongs securely hold even the largest of fish. Wasp is an excellent brand all around, and has lots of great options at reasonable price points.

When it comes to a fixed blade broadhead, two brands we like are products from G5 Outdoors Montec and Muzzy Trocar. The Montec is a true fixed blade broadhead with an open design. It's among the most durable of fixed blade points on the market, and the Montec has proven consistent performance.

Sort of the opposite type of fixed broadhead from the G5 Outdoors product above is the Muzzy Trocar. This is a three blade broadhead with fixed, replaceable blades. Muzzy gives archery hunters chisel points for deep punctures and razor sharp blades to cut deep. Muzzy replacement blades are affordable, which keeps the price of replacement down.

Find the Arrow that Suits Your Style

There is a lot that goes into arrow shopping. A customer may choose a product for its price or even shipping cost, while another customer may pick between types of steel or even a slick logo. The best tip we have is to pick up a few different types of arrowheads and get outdoors to practice. Before you hunt, you want to find the arrow (and other equipment) that fits your shooting style. Archery is about more than killing, and it's more than just the hunt. Archery is a way of life.




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