Best Brat Recipes to Use with Chicken

Best Brat Recipes to Use with Chicken

Mar 30, 2023Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

One of the things we love at the store is when people ask questions that get us thinking. Recently, someone asked which of our Bearded Butchers Bratwurst DIY Bundles would be best for chicken brats. Such a simple question seems like it would be easy to answer, but in typical Bearded Butchers fashion, things got complicated quickly.

We started by thinking about which of our extensive line of seasoning blends was our favorite on chicken. Then, we discussed the complexities created by the different seasonings and how they best complement certain cooking styles It took some in-depth discussion, but we eventually narrowed our favorites down to just two or three of our most popular blends.

Of course, the short list of seasonings wouldn’t settle the discussion. Our line of unique bratwurst recipes offers opportunities to kick up the flavor of any type of sausage. Now faced with trying to pick between our all-natural, gluten-free seasoning blend bundles and our brand-new brat recipes, things broke down quickly.

So instead of letting you know what we think is the best brat recipe to use for chicken sausage, we are going to discuss some of the top picks and let you know ways to amp up the flavor of your next Shaboygan-style brats.

In no particular order, here are some of the most popular bundles for chicken brats and what our customers had to say about them.

Mushroom and Swiss Bratwurst Bundle

This is one of our newest options, and it has been an instant hit around our kitchen and with our customers. The kit provides enough seasoning, add-ins, and collagen sausage casings to process 25 lbs of meat.

Most people use pork with this bundle, but mushroom and swiss chicken brats are a fantastic way to go. The bundle includes the Bearded Butcher classic bratwurst seasoning, a package of dehydrated mushrooms and pieces, a pack of high-temp swiss cheese chunks, and two strands of 32mm collagen sausage casings.

Ryan M. had this to say about his experience with this bundle:

“The flavor and ease of this kit is amazing. The seasoning, along with the dried mushrooms and the perfect amount of cheese, makes it a winner. I will definitely be trying more bundles.”

We couldn’t agree more. This is a perfect combination of flavors for a great chicken brat recipe.

Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst Bundle

This one is a hit, no matter what protein you use. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy jalapeno peppers combined with tangy cheddar that pairs incredibly with lighter meats like chicken. The bundle includes everything you need except for your choice of meat to process 25 lbs.

With this bundle, you get the Bearded Butchers classic bratwurst seasoning, one package of jalapeno pieces and flakes, high-temp cheddar cheese, and two strands of 32mm collagen casings. This is one of our best-selling brats and bundles that gets lots of praise from friends and customers.

Bryatt told us this about out jalapeno cheddar bundle:

“Just take my money… This is the best jalapeño cheddar brat you will ever make. Nice spice, but not too overpowering. It's worth it. Just buy it.”

John R. added:

“The Jalepeno Cheddar brats were the best I believe I've ever had.”

High praise, indeed (and much appreciated). Our jalapeno cheddar brat recipe is perfect for a spicy, flavorful chicken brat and gets even more complex when you add on the optional hickory smoke powder that cranks up the flavor.

Apple Cinnamon Sausage of Bratwurst Bundle

This one is popular around our kitchen and makes a fantastic chicken sausage or bratwurst. The combination of savory and sweet pairs wonderfully with the light flavor of chicken for a sausage that is great for brunch and makes a flavorful snack any time of the day. This brat recipe hasn’t been reviewed yet, and we consider it sort of a “secret” brat recipe that we love for chicken sausage.

The bundle has options for either 21mm or 32mm collagen casings, one pack of dried, diced apples, and our unique Maple Blend seasoning. You can also add cheddar cheese, a popular combination complimenting the spice notes and sweetness of the apples.

Try this one out for something totally different.

Bearded Butcher Fresh Bratwurst Bundle

The Fresh bundle is the granddaddy of many of the most popular bundles and brats we sell. The seasoning is a custom blend of classic herb and spice flavors that perfectly compliments pork, veal, beef, elk, and even chicken and turkey sausage. In fact, you can get a great Shaboygan-style white brat using chicken and our fresh bundle.

This is a great combo on its own, but it also opens doors to your own custom additions. Try adding one of our high-temp cheeses or dried herb ingredients to amplify the flavor, or mix in smoke flavor to give your next brat recipe a touch of classic brat flavor.

Fredrick said:

“Very, very happy. Turned out great!”

The fresh recipe is our go-to when making brats. The natural flavor and clean finish pair perfectly with all types of meat and it makes a perfect choice for turkey and chicken brat recipes.

Final Thoughts

The more we talked about making chicken brats with some of our more unique blends, the more we became fascinated by the potential of making some really great sausage snacks and brats. One of our newer blends, the pizza bratwurst bundle, would likely make a truly remarkable chicken sausage. The pizza blend spawned the idea to create a Hawaiian pizza bundle that adds the sweetness of pineapple and the savory pizza blend that would create one of the most delicious chicken brats.

One of the truly wonderful things about light meat sausage like chicken is that you can really develop the flavors that you want without it getting lost in more flavorful red meats.

Try out a few of our popular bratwurst bundles the next time you make chicken brats, and drop us a comment on our website. We love hearing about your experiences using our DIY bratwurst bundles.

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