The Bearded Butchers

Bearded Butcher Nacho Supreme Seasoning 16 oz


Nacho Supreme Seasoning - A unique blend of taco spices and herbs resulting in a taste that is both intriguing and addicting - perfectly formulated in this one bag to mix with 25 pounds of Pork, Beef, Venison, or any protein of your choosing. We recommend adding a bag of our * high temp mozzarella cheese and a bottle of our Rebel Red sauce to your mix, just like we do at Whitefeather Meats, producing one of our most popular products - "Macho Nacho Brats"! Of course you can use your imagination to make not only bratwursts but burgers, meatballs, pepperoni, breakfast sausage, summer sausage, snack sticks, or whatever your dream up. We guarantee your end result will be a big hit for tailgate parties, family dinners, cookouts, camping trips, or hunt camp. Your friends are sure to be impressed with your homemade Macho Nacho products!

*while we use high temp mozzarella cheese, you can also use high temp pepper jack for even MORE macho results!