Our Business

 The Bearded Butchers have crafted their enterprise on a strong foundation of three pillars, each one integral to the success and ethos of their business.

The first pillar is their authentic butcher shop, Whitefeather Meats, where the brothers invest countless hours meticulously butchering premium meat cuts for their loyal retail customers. This bustling hub of activity also serves as the primary stage for producing the content that graces their social media channels, allowing them to showcase their skill and passion to a wider audience. This butcher shop is also where their recipes originate - resulting in their integrated spice business, Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning, founded by Seth & Scott in 2016 and leading to the "second pillar".

The second pillar is their direct-to-consumer e-commerce venture, proudly hosted on this website. With their own warehouse and dedicated fulfillment and customer service team, they carefully curate a selection of products that not only includes their signature blends of spices and sauces but also other must-have items that reflect their love for the art of butchery and the outdoor or barbecue lifestyle.

The third pillar is the media content that emerges from the brothers' daily routine of butchering, as well as their vibrant lifestyle that revolves around family, hunting & fishing the great outdoors, or grilling and barbecuing.

Their infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to sharing their knowledge and expertise about the craft of butchering serves as a beacon to their followers, inspiring them to join the ranks of passionate meat lovers everywhere.