Bearded Butcher Wholesale Program

If you'd like to carry our products in your brick and mortar and/or online store and are located within the continental United States, please check out

On that page, you can scroll to the bottom and fill out a request form to be granted access to our special wholesale pricing.


To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

 1. You have a verifiable online or brick and mortar store that is in a comparable niche. For example, if you have a Shopify clothing store, you would not be eligible.

1a. If you have a store in Canada and would like to sell our products, please click here to visit our Canadian partner and get set up with them for wholesale distribution in Canada.


 2. Your store is verifiable. We must be able to find your online store through a link or your B&M store with a simple address search.

 3. You have the authority to sell the products in the store. If you are the owner, this is easy. If you have another position in the company, we may need to verify that you have the authority to sell the products in the store.


    That's it! Very simple. 

    Here are a couple of advantages:

    1. Incredible wholesale pricing. This isn't just a 5% or 10% discount
    2. Free shipping for any order over $500
    3. Great customer service

    If you have any questions about our program, simply reach out to